F    U    T    U    R    A    c    i    n    e

  • Los Molinos / Buenos Aires


  • El Aleph / Buenos Aires


  • FAC / Ackerman


  • Sanyo

  • Faena Arts Center (Fragment) / Buenos Aires


  • FAC / Carpinteros


Futura cine is an audiovisual studio that works with a combined team of professional filmmakers, photographers, designers, musicians, sound technicians, architects, system engineers and industrial designers.

Our studio specializes in the design and production of Timelapse projects.

Created 12 years ago, Futura has consolidated itself as the production team with the most experience in avant-garde works and projects for the main architects and designers of the world, expanding its design and production services to numerous amounts of countries.

Futura forges and promotes technology by working with the best equipment and brands in the world, building a documentation system developed through years of evolution, investment, and experience in projects that involve extreme situations. This structure allows us to have complete manual control over film shots in any part of the world, 24 x 7 x 365.

We mainly carry out long term documentation projects for which we make a rigorous and specialized field study in order to select the best possible views, evaluating every possible variable when it comes to topography and particular characteristics of each work. Prior to starting the project we assure ourselves to engage in dialogue with every area of design, architecture and construction that will take part in the process.

Each project is elaborated from a universe of precision, decisions, factors and elements that makes it unique.

Our identity in the audiovisual media emerges from years of work on significant and representative pieces, successful projects and from the understanding and interest of showcasing the unique qualities and characteristics of each work. This is possible due to our vast experience in the field and the constant curiosity of those who are part of Futura.

Each project of this nature is a unique piece and represents the realization of a large amount of factors, desires and efforts.

Every building is the synthesis and confluence of dreams, ideas, developments and will of its owners, architects, developers or builders who passionately carry them out through time: that thin line between the development and unexpected events.

Futura knows the field. We are aware of the demands and steps that these projects require and have the knowledge and experience to resolve them. Therefore, for us each project represents a challenge in which we absolutely and forevermore give further commitment in each stage, participating and enhancing our efforts in order to make the experience not only visible, but unforgettable.

f  u  t  u  r  a   c  i  n  e